Daisy Clothing – The story so far….

Daisy Clothing – The story so far….

Next up on our featured retailers is Daisy clothing.  Take some time out and find out more about our small businesses!

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How did you get started in what you do?

Like lots of girls we loved clothes shopping and certain clothing brands. The brands we loved were not available locally. It was 2002 and O Gormans were developing the mart site in Carrickmacross into a shopping centre, so we took the leap and decided to go into the clothing business. It was a new venture for us as Ann worked in a clerical background and Rosie in retail.

How long have you been in business?

We opened our doors in March 2003, so that means Daisy turned 18 this year! Her teen years are coming to an end!

What's your favourite part of being in business?

We love our location here in the Market Square Shopping Centre. It’s a bright spacious, friendly environment to work in. We love all the little chats and relationships we build daily with all our lovely customers. We have no front door as such, we have an open shutter into the shopping mall, we feel this is an asset to our business, as our customers are easily welcome to browse at their leisure.

Or journey to where we are today includes an extension to our shop in 2018 in which we doubled our retail space and  in 2019 we took the leap and brought our shop online. It was a big step into the world of ecommerce and one we are very happy we took.

For more information on Daisy clothing website and social media go to:

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