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  • Yonka Gommage Doux Exfoliating Cream
  • Yonka Huile Silhouette Smoothening Dry Oil
  • Spacemasks

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Yonka Gommage Doux Exfoliating Cream:
Say goodbye to impurities and dead skin with this gentle exfoliating cream!
A 2 in 1 treatment that combines mango butter, sesame oil and vegetable glycerin, known for their moisturizing and restructuring virtues.
Let yourself be carried away by its fresh woody scent and its exfoliating power derived from bamboo powder and apricot kernels. This subtle blend of ingredients will leave your skin looking clean and beautiful while protecting it from drying out.
After application, the scrub leaves a light hydrating veil. The skin is more beautiful, softer and velvety. Combine it with SILHOUETTE oil, for a toned and smooth finish !

Its assets:

  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Smoothes and tones the skin
  • 2 grain sizes for optimal exfoliation
  • An invigorating, oxygenating scent inspired by the French forests

How to use:
Once or twice a week, apply the scrub to damp skin, massage for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. For more efficiency, apply the scrub on dry skin in a circular motion on the following areas: heels, elbows and knees. Then rinse thoroughly

Yonka Huile Silhouette Smoothening Dry Oil:
This thin and nourishing oil makes massage easy and allows to improve visibly the appearance of the skin. The lipolytic pink pepper oil reduces the signs of cellulitis. Day after day, the skin looks suppler, smoothed and toned.
Recognised for its slimming action, pink pepper oil is combined here to the nourishing properties of Sunflower and Baobab oils and the anti-oxidant qualities of sesame oil, rich in essential fatty acids.

How to use:
Morning and/or evening, spray HUILE SILHOUETTE on targeted trouble areas. Massage in with circular motions and allow to penetrate.
Its light texture allows you to dress immediately after application.

Trouble switching off? Forget counting sheep, take an intergalactic approach to relaxing with Spacemasks. Inside each cosmic box you’ll find five individually wrapped, single-use Spacemasks. Simply slip the elastic loops over your ears and wait for the air-activated, self-heating mask to transport you to another (relaxing) dimension. Each cosmic foil mask is infused with jasmine to help lull you to sleep, ease tired eyes, tension headaches and reach a new found level of bliss in the evenings.

How to use:
Unwrap each single-use mask just before use. Slip loops over ears and pull mask down over the eyes. Air-activated, within no time at all these will give off a relaxing scent and warmth that can be worn to bed and while you sleep.

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